Raven Yoga 5 Week Series

Class meets on Zoom (camera optional) for 5 Tuesdays (3/24,3/31,4/7,4/14,4/21) at 7pm CST (will be recorded if you need to view later). This 1.5 hour class will be mostly gentle, inspirational and insightful yoga postures. You will also learn quick breathing techniques to recalibrate your nervous system and calm you body and mind. There will be a short lecture at each session.
Anonymous optional, homework optional, one 30 min. complimentary phone call consultation optional, sharing optional (speaking to others in group).

This class is intended to empower you, not shame you.
We are in a turbulent time, take the reins of your life and turn what happens to you into what happens “for you” as a blessing! I have been preparing for this opportunity my whole life. It is my honor to share this with you.
Enrollment is for all 5 weeks. No refunds for early withdrawal. Recordings will be available.