Celeste McNeal Wood

Celeste is a certified Kundalini Yoga & Prenatal teacher sharing since 2005. Known as the Yoga of Awareness, she uses tools from the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga to help others awaken and access their highest consciousness and cultivate the desire to live from this expanded energy ever present inside each of us. Her pre/postnatal classes incorporate techniques to prepare for birth and motherhood.
Raised in a family that honors love, natural health, nutrition and the innate power of the body, Celeste strives to remind us that we have the ability to heal and achieve anything we wish. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health from Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas and is currently pursuing her Masters in Cultural Anthropology at Tulsa University.
She feels blessed that her parents practiced Kundalini Yoga while she was in the womb and believes it led her to LOVE teaching prenatal yoga to women as they connect deeply with their babies! Her first childhood memory is of her younger sister being born at home. These formative experiences led her to pursue being a doula (labor support), child birth educator and empowering women to birth intuitively and fearlessly. She currently leads Women circles & Retreats And teaches Ecstatic & Empowered Birth Education workshops. Learn more, share or register at www.celestialbirth.com

Celeste originally got her Kundalini Yoga certification in California with Guru Rattana and has recently trained with Internationally recognized Ravi Singh & Ana Brett.

Celeste lives with her husband and children in Tulsa, OK. Please feel free to add her on FB to stay in touch or visit www.celestialbirth.com