In Person - Nia

In Person - Nia

Nia is a class, practice and lifestyle that blends movement, mindfulness, connection and joy to provide a whole-body / whole-being experience that activates, transforms and liberates body, mind and spirit.

Integrating ancient wisdom and modern science with elements of dance, martial arts and healing arts, Nia offers physical, mental and emotional conditioning, healing and transformation that is accessible and attainable for every body.

Come home to the sacred vessel which is your body! Nia is perfect for everybody AND every body. Classes offer options of levels of movement, to adapt to individual needs, energy level of the day, from beginner to experienced movers.

You’re invited to enter into the Joy of Movement, through sensations in the body that reflect Joy, Ease, Grace, as well as Strength, Power and Agility.

Explore, Discover, and Experience more of who you are and the Joy of Life within you!