In-Person Restorative Yoga

Rebecca offers a deeply relaxing form of Restorative yoga.  She is Certified in Svaroopa Yoga.  Svaroopa is a type of Hatha yoga developed and trademarked by Swami Nirmanalanda Saraswati (also known as Rama Berch). It is a consciousness and healing-oriented style of yoga that focuses on opening the spine. Svaroopa yoga is designed to trigger the body’s natural healing capabilities, using spinal decompression techniques to release stress from the back, neck and shoulders. By releasing and relaxing the back muscles, the practice helps to open up a flow of energy along the spine.

Although Svaroopa yoga only gained mainstream recognition in 1996, Swami Nirmanalanda Saraswati has been teaching this style since the 1970’s. The practice takes a subtle, gentle approach, using props, such as blankets and blocks, to assist with the poses. Svaroopa yoga tends to involve a lot of hands-on adjustments by the yoga instructor, and is available to any practitioner, regardless of age, physical fitness or flexibility.