Workshop: Curvy Yoga-Balance, Props & Love

Curvy Yoga-Balance, Props & Love

   All levels are welcome to join Tulsas Only Certified Curvy Yoga Instructor Vicky Hibbert for a fun, full bodied, love oriented yoga workshop. No yoga experience necessary. These two workshops will focus on yoga poses and techniques to improve balance, how to incorporate props to improve comfort and stability. Enroll and pay to secure your spot! Vicki Hibbert has been teaching Hatha yoga for3 years and has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade. Initially drawn to yoga as cross-training for other exercise, she discovered that the benefits of yoga went beyond the physical. Vicki loves how much calmer she feels after a practice and enjoys the deeper connection with her physical self. Seeking to deepen her yoga practice in 2013, Vicki began teacher training at Yoga Spirit Academy under Dr. Janet Parachin and her husband Dr. Victor Parachin. An interest in body positivity led her to the work of Anna Guest-Jelly and Curvy Yoga and Vicki earned her Curvy YogaTM certification in 2016. Vicki has also studied Yin Yoga and the work of Jill Miller of Yoga Tune UpTM. Vicki has taught yoga in a CrossFit “Box,” at a martial arts studio and on a volunteer basis at the local jail.  Vicki loves teaching Curvy Yoga workshops at The Yoga Room in Tulsa. Curvy Yoga is body-affirming yoga for people of all sizes that helps you feel good about your body on and off the mat. Its alignment cues help yoga work for the body you have today. Vicki hopes that Curvy Yoga can bring the transformational practice of yoga to people who never thought it was available to them.



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