Core Fire

Ignite the fire within with Core Fire! It all happens with a combination of firey plank and boat variations, pilates-inspired ab exercises, standing and balancing sequences and calisthenic moves. The process will start inward with the deepest layer of your abdominal wall and work outward. A FULL BODY, MIND, AND BREATH EXPERIENCE FOR EVERYONE! Modifications offered and always encouraged.
There’s 3 parts:

Part one (20 minutes): centering, core and spine awareness, and on the ground core exercises. I call them Navasana Prep and Chaturanga Prep. I do a mix of slow and controlled movement with holds and pulses as well as combinations that move to the beat of the music and challenge brain and body coordination. The students are asked and reminded to keep their Bandhas engaged and focus on keeping spinal integrity and making each move articulate the spine.

Part two (20 minutes): A Flow Sequence that mixes Standing/warrior poses, balance poses, and one or two calisthenic moves to take that Core engagement to their entire body. Throughout there will be some kind of movement that is woven through the sequence and builds and progresses each round. I offer one last challenge; it’s normally a calisthenic move, something to play with balance, or core work. There are parts of this section that will sometimes move to the beat of the music as well.

Part three (20 minutes): Deep Stretch cool down to balance out the body and calm the nervous system. 5-6 minute Savasana.

My purpose with this class isn’t about 6 pack abs and aesthetics. It’s all about helping students build that awareness for their core muscles and building that strong stable 360 degree “core-set” for their spine so that that have longer taller posture and so they develope that awareness for their center line of gravity and build a steadier balance. Together I believe these concepts and goals will not only help students in their yoga practice but help increase the longevity and quality of an active healthy lifestyle, and as they creep into a certain age maintain a healthy supple spine (which Joseph Pilates said is the equivalent to a youthful body) and prevent chronic back pain and “the slip and fall”.