Alfie Meneses

Alfie started yoga as a way to recover from a weight lifting regimen and to destress from working retail management. He soon realized that Yoga started giving him something much deeper; he found higher self-esteem and self-love, and empowerment he never found from just working out in a gym. After two years of practicing, he received his RYT-200 from ViraVinyasa Yoga School in April 2018.

Alfie teaches medium-level and powerful classes in his signature Vinyasa(less) Alignment Flow format. His classes focus on building total mind-body awareness through safe alignment, foundation, muscle action, core strength, spinal integrity, and breath work. His intention is to facilitate a challenging yet accessible experience with options to modify or progress, thus empowering each individual no matter where they are in their practice. Beyond the physical aspects, Alfie believes compassion, vulnerability, transparency, and heartfelt playfulness are the most important aspects to attaining true strength and empowerment-body, mind, and spirit.

Vinyasa(less) Alignment Flow is Alfie’s signature format which serves as the blueprint for his flow-based classes. Alfie teaches a well rounded flow of standing and balancing poses, woven around a theme, biomechanic focus, or challenge pose. The hallmark of Alfie’s classes come from his minimal to no vinyasas approach. Geared towards practitioners of any level, the omission of vinyasas (high to low plank - up dog - down dog) provides an accessible class to those with wrist or shoulder injuries or conditions, yet stays true to the fluidity and grace of a Vinyasa flow class and the challenge and vigor of a Power class.

Alfie draws influence from traditional and postmodern Vinyasa, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Iyengar. He utilizes creative yet intellectually sound sequences to build a class that is safe, grounding, opening, strengthening, balanced, and meditative for the individual overall-body, mind, breath, and spirit.