Ren Barger

Ren Barger, 35, discovered “yoga” via a Seventeen magazine article at age 12, and has shaped her worldview through the Eight Limbs ever since. At age 20 she enrolled in study of the Iyengar lineage with Johnny Gilispie in Chicago, committing to daily practice in complement with her fitness and self-study goals. At the end of that year in 2004, a traffic accident while cycling resulted in her breaking seven bones and undergoing a traumatic brain injury, spinal-vertebrae fusion neurosurgery, and confinement to a wheelchair for two months. Ren was told by amazed surgeons that she survived the crash thanks to the flexibility, strength, and skeletal alignment resulting from her asana practice. After moving to Tulsa, the place of her birth, in 2006, she met and began practicing with Stephen Saunders (and his teacher Beth Field, who has made an indelible impact on her development in many areas of study) and Elizabeth Barlow. As her professional life rooted her as CEO of Tulsa Hub, a social enterprise with a mission to change lives through cycling, her Yoga continues to add joy and accountability to her work in social and restorative justice for the oppressed, under-mobilized, and disenfranchised. (For a 60 second tour, check out Ren became a certified teacher in Yoga Ed in 2011, and became a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Margot Ballard at ViraVinyasa in 2018.

In 2014, Ren had the great pleasure of taking her training and teaching to the next octave after exposure to the Bowspring Method, “a dynamic, revolutionary postural template for optimal health,” developed by Desi Springer and John Friend. She now practices and teaches Bowspring Method exclusively for her movement medicine. You can find her assisting Holly Helms Hill in Mindful Movement classes at the Yoga Room Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings, and her public offering of Bowspring is Wednesday nights at Renaissance Brewery. Ren also specializes in private clients interested in a body-mind-breath practice for motility gain, pain management, and increased vitality.

Ren promotes Bowspring Method for all bodies to create peace and to achieve freedom from suffering; learn more about her mission work at Tulsa Hub at, and delve into the Bowspring Method at