Matthew Gibbons

Matthew is not the first member of his family to manifest healing for others through the presence of the Divine. His
Grandmother Colleen, in the mid 50’s witnessed many mystical miracles, such as cancers falling off people, goiters
shrinking, blind eyes opening and many more….
Before she passed she laid her hand on Matthews head and prayed that the mantle (gift) of healing on her life
would be transferred to his. The Glory of God came upon him instantly and things began to change.
Since then Matthew has begun to experience many mystical miracles manifesting in his own life. During a Kundalini
Yoga class with Damade Amanbir Kaur, Matthew discovered that healing can actually take place while practicing
This stirred a hunger inside of him, not only did he want to learn more about yoga, but he wanted to become a yoga
instructor. He thought, “the more ways to bring healing the better.” He continued his studies with The Sun Shine
State Yoga Academy led by Alan Lowenschus. Alan nurtured Matthew and encouraged him to step out and begin to
use the gifts that had been given to him.
Now certified by The Sun Shine State Yoga Academy in 2010, Matthew not only teaches yoga, but also holds
events called “Nights of Healing, where people experience the Loving, Healing, all Inclusive presence of God.
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