Katy Lynn

Katy discovered the power of practice as a freshman in college in 2014. After moving from Tulsa to Norman to attend OU, she found herself struggling greatly with anxiety and major depression. After her first semester of giving up on school and herself, she attended her first Yoga class on a whim at a gym on campus and immediately felt a release of emotion. She moved back to Tulsa to finish her schooling, along the way found Yoga With Adrienne online and began her at home practice of Asana (physical practice) and meditation as a means of healing. After building her home practice and attending the occasional free class at Guthrie Green, she decided to elevate her knowledge of Yoga by attending Viravinyasa Yoga School in the spring of 2018. She graduated with her RYT- 200 in April 2018 as well as her Bachelor’s in Psychology from OSU Tulsa, and hopes to finish her Bachelor’s in Public Health Education and Promotion this year to one day open a practice that utilizes Psychology, Nutrition, and Yoga to help young girls struggling with anxiety and depression, especially those struggling with eating disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Her mental as well as physical health took a complete 180, and her hope is to be a testimony to and spread the power of light, love, and mind-body-spiritual harmony Yoga has to offer.
While Yoga is a sacred practice, she believes that we should be able to come to our mats to sweat, smile, and be playful together. Expect to be supported as well as challenged throughout class.