Workshop: Your Wings are Ready Workshop

Your Wings are Ready Workshop

Join Lori Love & Nicole Peltier Hall & special guest Jeff Staten for sacred event. 

LORI: Are you a Phoenix ready to rise from the ashes? I know I was, and at today’s session I’ll be discussing exactly how I did. I’ll take you through the process Archangel Michael outlined for me on my spiritual journey out of victimhood into self-love, discovering my spiritual gifts, and living/manifesting the life of my dreams. Come learn how you can use the Archangel Michael Method to change your life as well! We’ll be moving straight into Raven Yoga for FREEDOM after our discussion so you can really take those first steps into releasing what is holding you down. Come ready to release and RISE PHOENIX! This will be a transformational session!

NICOLE:  How free do you want to be? I found freedom putting down the wine glass. What does freedom mean to you? Where do you feel tied, restricted, stuck? Raven for freedom  addressing anything that feels tight. Anything that is too heavy, too powerful, too much in charge leaving you feeling like you are not in charge. Through movement, breathe and music we will practice rising above, empowering ourselves to move up and out, wiggle out of old, outdated, patterns.  This will be part of the transformation, its time to FLY!


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