Workshop: Basic Flow Workshop: Primary Series 101

Basic Flow Workshop: Primary Series 101

Break it down with Lisa Pierce. Whether you have been practicing flow yoga or not this class will give you the basic skills to move with integrity.  The breath, the movements, the poses will be covered. Lisa is a student and instructor of the Ashtanga tradition known as The Primary Series.  This is a sequence of a few dozen postures designed to create the ideal balance of strength and flexibility in our bodies. Each posture is linked to the next by the breath, flowing gracefully from beginning to end. The poses build upon each other so that the intensity and complexity increases throughout the sequence. The Primary Series is also called Yoga Chikitsa, or Yoga Therapy, and with dedicated practice will transform our weak, rigid bodies into the healthy, strong bodies they have the potential to be. All levels are encouraged to attend. Modifications will given for each pose so that every practitioner can experience the beauty of this classical sequence.

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