Workshop: Back Pain Relief w/ Yoga

Back Pain Relief w/ Yoga

Yoga is now a therapy recommended as first line treatment rather than opioids or surgery.  Do you or a loved one suffer from Back Pain or Discomfort? Sciatica or Tight Hips? Come to this workshop to learn how specific Yoga Poses and Practices can reduce and sometimes eliminate pain. Learn Simple and Effective things to do at work, at your home and in the yoga studio. No previous yoga experience required. Get ready to learn and have fun. (I promise) Meet RS Bones (my lovely rescue skeleton - really did get him out of the closet) Identify the root cause of your pain and what you can do to ease, reduce or eliminate it. No judgement, just clear seeing. Be guided by your own body - this workshop is NO PAIN - ALL GAIN. Yoga Teachers and Students are welcome and this workshop is good for all levels. $35

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