Raven Yoga

Step up and out of old habit patterns that are not serving your highest good. Do you appear to have it all together but feel fragmented inside? Does your life on the outside not match how you feel on the inside?  Does something need to change before you can really feel free?  The Raven is symbolic of mind, thought, and wisdom. Many birds are seen as messengers between heaven and earth, and the raven totem no exception. Raven energy is said to bring meaning from a darker place, within.  Maybe the pull to change is becoming too difficult to ignore.  Change may be necessary for you in your life now, yet change is scary and often difficult. But, it is through overcoming obstacles and difficulties that we grow the most. Change is not just casting out the old self, but consume and incorporate those parts which give you strength.  Learn from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others, and give new wings to thoughts and behaviors that were previously stopped from taking flight. If you feel like you are in a cage of your own design then Raven Yoga is for you.  It’s time to step out of the cage and take your wings to the air again. Show up for You. 

If your studio would like to host Nicole for a Raven Yoga class in you city, contact [email protected]il.com.

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You don’t have to be in recovery to join. 

Each week we have a theme like “Loving Ourselves” or “Keep Coming Back” to thread the practice of yoga to our practice of living our truth on and off the mat. This is a basic yoga class welcome to newcomers and seasoned yogi’s offered every Sunday at 4:15p.m and Wednesdays at 12p.m. enroll on schedule page.